Xbox Series X Confirms Two Console Exclusive Games

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The headlines surrounding Microsoft’s Inside Xbox presentation have largely been about the online backlash to the event. As a result, some important details have gotten lost in the shuffle, including the fact that two of the games shown during the Inside Xbox presentation are full-blown Xbox Series X console-exclusives, meaning that they are being developed with PC and next-generation hardware in mind, and won’t be held back by the Xbox One’s limitations.

This was pointed out by Twitter user BenjiSales. The two games in question are horror titles Scorn and The MediumScorn has gotten quite a bit of attention since its Xbox Series X trailer, with the game’s bizarre, disturbing imagery creating quite a bit of buzz. Xbox Series X getting Scorn as a console exclusive should be a big deal for Microsoft, especially when it comes to convincing horror game fans to buy the new console/

The Medium has also been received well, with the game being favorably compared to Silent Hill (it in fact has the Silent Hill 2 composer working on the project). The Medium is coming from Bloober Team, the studio behind Observer and Blair Witch, and so the developers have an established history of releasing high quality horror games

Not only are Scorn and The Medium Xbox Series X console exclusives, but they may be two of the first games released for the next-generation console. Both Scorn and The Medium are aiming for the Xbox Series X “launch window,” with The Medium specifying a holiday 2020 release date. Whether or not the games become Xbox Series X launch titles remains to be seen, but either one would potentially be enough to convince hardcore horror game fans to take the plunge.

Then again, not much has been shown of either game in terms of actual gameplay. It’s true that there is some Scorn gameplay footage from years ago when it was first announced, but one has to imagine that’s outdated. The Scorn Kickstarter page has indicated that the original intention was to release a lengthier gameplay trailer, but plans changed when the game was given the opportunity to be a part of the Inside Xbox presentation.

Horror game fans should stay tuned for more information on Scorn and The Medium in the months ahead.

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